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  • Ben Pilgrim

Education Network and Staff Oscars 2021 Award for Marysia Tarnowska

Huge congratulations to 3rd year PhD student from the group Marysia Tarnowska for winning the PG Officer Thanks Award at the Education Network Awards and Staff Oscars 2021. The citation for the award reads "being proactive in making sure support for researchers is at the forefront".

Marysia won this award in recognition for their work in starting and leading the PGR Support Committee, a PGR led group that collected student views and advised the University about what is most important to the student body, during the past academic year. This was invaluable to PGR students who have faced unprecedented disruption in the last year due to COVID-19.

Marysia undertook this work with fellow PhD student Claire Housley.

The webpage listing the awards can be found here. Members of the University can also watch a recording of the cermony here.


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