PhD Students

Martin Black - First Year 

Martin completed his MSci in chemistry at the University of Nottingham in 2020. In his third year research project he worked in the Nortcliffe group in collaboration with GSK to synthesise novel anti-asthma drugs. Martin did his final year project in the Champness group working on the synthesis of pillar[6]arene based rotaxanes. In his spare time he enjoys playing squash and rock climbing.

Sam Wharvell - First Year 

Sam completed both his BSc and MSc and the University of Leicester in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry respectively. In his spare time he plays dodgeball, water polo and enjoys attending and being a part of theatre productions.

MSci Students

George Earl

George recently finished his year in industry at Eurofins Agroscience Services where he trialled new pesticides and crop varieties. In his free time he likes to run, read and enjoys going bird watching.

Taylor Monckton

I have been at Nottingham Uni since 2017 studying for my MSci in Chemistry with a particular interest in supramolecular chemistry. In my spare time I enjoy running, cycling and hill walking/scrambling.  

Honorary Group Member


Newton arrived as an Honorary Group Member in September 2020. His research interests include Disassembly, Chaotic and disordered systems and Tying knots (in his lead).

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